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The unique features that makes Splat Attack the best

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Over 25 unique playing fields

Premiere fields include: "Wild West", "Celtic Ruins", "The Alamo", "Braveheart", "Junkyard" and many more!
Our fields set us apart from any other venue in Australia.

On-site undercover break areas
Most fields will force you to walk back to the home base before you can have a breather. At Splat Attack Paintball, you're never far from a break area complete with vending machines, toilets, EFTPOS terminals and BBQ Facilities.

Climate-controlled paintball vending machines
A first for paintball in the WORLD. You can get fresh, temperature-regulated ammo at multiple locations throughout the venue, meaning it will fly straighter and break easier on your opponents. Reloading has never been more convenient.

Food & Drink vending machines
Not only can you get paintballs whenever you need them, but we also have many vending machines located around the venue, where you can purchase anything from soft drinks, water and energy drinks, to chips, chocolates and even hot pies!

Easy access drinking fountains
Anywhere else, if you get thristy between games, too bad - you'll have to wait until the session is over. Not at Splat Attack though - drinking fountains are placed throughout the playing fields for you to use whenever you need!

Night Paintball, with glow-in-the-dark paintballs
Splat Attack was the first field in the country to introduce outdoor night paintball games and it's an experience like nothing else you'll find. Night paintball must be seen to be believed, and it should be on everyone's bucket list.

Only the best equipment used
We use top-of-the-line paintball equipment, including the best field marker available - the Tippmann 98 Custom - as well as some amazing upgrade markers like the Dye DM10, which retails for over $1,000 in our Pro Shop! We also use top-quality overalls and face masks, plus only the best quality paintballs.

Fully stocked on-site Pro Shop
If you want to personalize your experience by purchasing your own mask, or if you want to get into the sport more seriously, we have one of Australia's biggest and most respected paintball shops.

Paintball tournaments
Many people don't realize just how big the sport of paintball is worldwide. But recreational "bush" paintball is only one side of the coin! Tournament paintball is played on level grassed fields, with fast intense games between teams of 3, 5 or 7 players. If you want to take up paintball more regularly, you should definitely check out Splat Attack Paintball's tournament series - The Moama 3 Man.

NEW On-Site Bar!
That's right - Splat Attack Paintball now has it's own liquor licence so that you can crack open a cold one after a hard day's paintballing, while you sit back and share war stories with your mates.
The bar opens at 2pm every day!

Great vacation destination
Splat Attack isn't the only thing to do in Echuca-Moama. Why not get away for the weekend, then hit the town to experience everything that the Murray community has to offer.

So come on out to Splat Attack Paintball and see why we are one of Australia's biggest and best paintball venues.